About browser version

Was looking for a while over some kind of documentation for the webplayer, and didn’t find anything… the wikia barely mentions it, and the github doesn’t have any kind of explanation.

The javascript code is so beautiful and opens so many doors, is there anything I can use to better edit the source code?

Hi Jalax, the webplayer code is not made in native JavaScript but transpiled from C++ with Emscripten, this means the resulting JS code is not intended to be human readable, it uses asm.js to make it faster and it may use WebAssembly in the foreseeable future for better loading times and performance.

The EasyRPG Player for the Web wiki page is focused on how to deploy the webplayer in a website. If you want to modify the interpreter, you need to edit C++ code and build it with Emscripten. If you want to improve the “shell” (the index.html part displaying the canvas), there is a template in this source code path. Or just customize the existing generated index.html.

The EasyRPG buildscripts contain how to build the webplayer version with Emscripten. Build output may be checked in the Continuous Integration server.