Add 3d to the Easyrpg player

Easy Rpg uses SDL2, I was wondering if we may add some basic 3d stuff on the player like an obj loader.

I got already some code that does that and it only uses SDL and GLEW. The two libraries are portable, and work even on android.

Should I release it ? or keep it just for me since no one else is interested ?

Here is a sample of what I am doing, is a simple obj loader,

Load a 3d object and set a texture

A, zoom out
Z zoom in
S rotate
X rotate
D rotate
C rotate

Directions keys move the camera

It uses SDL and GLEW only and can integrated to a scene on the player.

an alternate backend to pure software (pixman) using SDL_texture is the most portable way. It uses Direct3D on Windows, OpenGL ES on Android, OpenGL on Linux and OSX and software fallback for other platforms. It also supports accelerated zoom and rotation. However, the most slow operation used is color blending used in change tone commands and needs further work because there are not helper functions in SDL2 with specific operator blending modes.