Hello there,
My friend sushi and i , are french computer science students and are interested to contribute on this projet , on the android port, we hope that we’ll be able to make a significant contribution.


NB : we heard about this projet by means of BlisterB.

Hello everybody!
As kael told you, we would like to work on the android port. Hope everything will go well.


Hello, thanks for your interest in contributing to the project.

Do you have any ideas what you want to improve concerning the Android port?

The problem is that only the Game Browser, the Settings Menu and the on screen button layout are Android only. When you start a game the Android code is gone and it runs our engine which shares the same code on all platforms (no Android specific code at all).

So, you want to work on bug fixing engine/emulation problems or improve the Android Ui?

We are heading to start with with the migration to android studio as described in the github issue :slight_smile:

Cool. In that case you are on your own because I have no Knowledge about Android Studio and Gradle.

If you Need help in Setting up the dependencies (Android toolchain) for the Player just tell us. Or ask BlisterB :wink: