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hi, I’m very new to the site, and I read a few of the posts and people seem really friendly here so I figured I would ask this question. So I’m trying to get the RPG Maker Wii version to work. the launcher works perfectly fine, but I’m having an issue with knowing what exactly I have to put into the folder, in order to play a game. For example, I downloaded an exe file for Yume Nikki and unpacked it, but I’m not sure which files I absolutely have to put in there. I tried putting all of them in, with the exception of the obvious things I don’t need like the exe file or the uninstaller exe and read me text document, but I’m still having trouble. It loads me to what seems like the title screen, but then a bunch of things come up at the top saying that it couldn’t find this and that period a whole list of different files. So then I ended up literally taking everything out of all the folders and then just placing them all together in this one folder and for some reason it still couldn’t find any of those Necessary Things. It’s a pretty complex game, so I assume I can’t just take a couple things out of this and use them. Can someone please help me? I’m sorry if this is something that someone had asked about before.

Some sites seem to forget a part that it’s important to play RPG Maker games, which is the RTP (Run Time Package). Most RPG Maker games use one version or another of it, especially ones from 2000/2003 (which are the ones being supported by EasyRPG.

This is a file structure sometimes shared among here, might help as a guide.

If it still fails to run even with the RTP files in place, check if you got a meta.xml, boot.dol and icon.png files inside your game folder as the file structure above suggests, I’ve no Wii so I can’t help you with that but this link seems to point that out.

Hope it works! Have a nice one.

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Thank you very much! Yes, this is a big help!! :smiley:

Maybe this is an encoding issue.

Try editing the RPG_RT.ini at your computer and put in there at the end:


When 1252 doesnt work try 932.