Dingoo A-320 question o.O

Hi, I saw a video somewhere online, it was of a Dingoo A-320 (hand held emulator) that was playing a game originally made with RPG Maker 2003 (actually found this project because of it). And I was wondering, does anyone know if it is possible at this point to maybe edit the easyRPG code to play a game whose RTP data (meaning to player, not the editor, the game.rxpdata or what-ever, im not at home and i dont feel like downloading the game again :stuck_out_tongue: ) is from RPG Maker XP or VX? I would really like to play Last Scenario by SCF (site.scfworks.com/?page_id=9) on this awesome hand held device. If not, is anyone interested in getting such a project going?

Hi RicochetSaw, EasyRPG aims to work only with RPG Maker 2K and 2K3 games, not XP and VX ones. However, I have another project, called ARGSS (argss.com.ar/), that is an opensource player for RMXP and RMVX games. ARGSS still needs lot of developement, but if Dingoo can run Ruby (The XP and VX scripting language) then ARGSS could be ported.

yea i kinda hurried the post and didnt read this or this :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello everybody, I was a long time without visiting the project page when I noticed yesterday that you had great advances in recent days!

I just submit a few changes for the A320ā€™s input and others little adjusts for the readers library compilation. So far everything is working fine on the device, except that Iā€™m getting a segfault when entering the game menu, I will investigate this issue more carefully later.

EDIT: I found the cause of the segfault: the SDL_image version distributed in the Dingux does not currently support XPM images. To solve the problem, I converted the file exfont.xpm to exfont.bmp, so I could load the image properly.

Here is a picture of revision 886 on the device:

See ya later and keep your great work guys :slight_smile: