Escape key for mobile

Hey I wanted to know if you could add an escape key for the mobile version of rpg player I tried to play yumme Nikki and I got stuck every time on the game because I couldn’t press the escape key

Where do you get stuck? “B” button is used as Escape key.

Well I tried to press B and it didn’t work

Maybe we can find an answer when you answer the question… :wink:
Depending on where you are in the game there may be different issues.

Well it’s when I try to play the minigame that you can play at the beginning of the game

The introductions of the minigame are incorrect.

You must HOLD the ESC (“B”) button for a while to leave the game, not just press.

Just to keep this documented, there is a translated version out there with a pretty unfortunate mistranslation in Nasu minigame.

Bad version:

Good version:

Which version uses “Hold ESC to quit”?
Because both the inofficial English version and the official English use the same text “Press ESC to quit” this implies that the Japanese version already contains this incorrect English sentence :slight_smile:

Do you know where I can download the good version