Mother: Cognitive Dissonance

So there’s this game called Mother: Cognitive Dissonance, which uses a lot of hacks to make it look as good as it can. These effects don’t work on EasyRPG. The most notable things are the Mr. Saturn font (the font that the little white things with big noses and bows use) and these moving backgrounds that appear in battles, which only appear as the first frame or something I think. I believe the Saturn font has something to do with the font being in the exe or something. If they can be fixed, that’d be great. If not, then oh well, the rest of the game works, I believe.

Regarding the fonts, it’s because the game uses a modified RPG_RT file that has the fonts stored inside them rather than in an exfont.bmp file.
I’ve uploaded the image you’ll need for fonts, you have to extract the file and put it in the same folder that the RPG_RT.exe is in.

If you’re using a 3ds, I don’t think this works yet. If you’re using a phone, it should work fine. (1.5 KB)

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Tried it, worked. Thanks dude, you’re a lifesaver.
I’m just wondering if something similar was done with the backgrounds.