because they make rpg maker XP on PSP ?

It’s posible

Porque no haceis el RpgMaker Xp para PSP? Es possible ?

DaviX, this project aims to clone RPG Maker 2000/2003 and not RMXP or VX. However, it’s possible to create a rmxp clone for psp. Actually, I have another project that aims to create a rmxp/vx clone, but sadly I have no time for working on it :frowning:

No problem.
I can do the Rmxp on PSP. Only need learn. Because I have 6 monthsd free :slight_smile:
And I need for my school work !!! >.<

Please Laern Me! I just need lots of tutorials!

PD: Tu hablas español! Que ya te e visto en varios foros!!