RPG Maker 2000 Preservation project


It would be some help for me if you could collect all the fangames at one central location, e.g. DropBox. Makes downloading them easier for me.

After I posted about those OFF fangames I got stupidly busy and forgot all about this.

It would be multiple GB to upload them all (which would take way too long on my net), so I’m posting download lists for JDownloader 2 instead. That means you should probably get them as soon as you can, cause there’s no guarantee that some won’t go dead. Hopefully you know how to use that downloader.

Off translations fangames downloadlists.zip (7.6 KB)

It has OFF with all translations I found a download for (Polish download I didn’t find so that’s missing).
There’s a separate list with all OFF games by a specific author because he’s the only person who made more than two OFF fangames.
Then the other list has the fangames by everyone else, which I could find downloads.

Unfortunately I didn’t think to keep track of what games were missing downloads.


Hi guys, just a small update:

uboachan.net has uploaded a torrent of almost all yume nikki fangames, ever, in all versions:


Over on rpgmaker.net, we’re still working on getting some of those rpgmaker games together in one place, so you can download them on mass, all at once, etc.

But yeah, I’ll keep ya posted!!



thanks for the info, I already downloaded that torrent a week ago. Unfortunately I don’t have enough traffic available on my server to provide a public download :confused: