Things I noticed in Player (Android)


I just recently found the EasyRPG project and am very happy to be able to play Vampires Dawn on my tablet. :smiley:

However I noticed that music sounds a bit different (for example uses slightly different instruments). Could this be the MIDI interpreter? Can I maybe change this or convert the soundtracks on my PC?

I also noticed that some fight messages like “Valnar fällt in Starre” (Valnar is stunned; happens when drops to 0 HP) just don’t appear. Also the animation which should appear when a fight starts isn’t there. Should I report these bugs somewhere?

Hi, thanks for using our app!

Yep, about the MIDI music you are right. We are using different instruments (so called patches) as the original soundfont shipped by Windows (which RPG_RT.exe uses) is copyrighted.
Currently it is not possible to change the MIDI soundfont or patches without recompiling the app.
However, you can of course convert the music files beforehand, you just need to keep the filename.
For example battle.midbattle.mp3, we support MP3, OGG Vorbis and WAVE music.

About the battle issues: Well, our interpreter is not complete yet and the battle system has a lot of unimplemented stuff, however we have lately improved it quite a bit.
We track our issues at GitHub, you can add additional issues there. However, we already have a lot of battle related issues (, so yours might be already present.

I noticed the sound is a but different too.