Trouble remapping buttons on android

I’ve had trouble remapping buttons for the Android app. I can’t seem to get to the menu to remap buttons. I know you’re supposed to hit the menu button and then the back button to bring it up. I’ve tried my best to do this with much difficulty. I’ve looked into the issue and I believe my phone’s on-screen buttons may not be compatible. If there is anyone who can confirm this or show me what I’m doing wrong, I’d greatly appreciate it. Here is a screen shot of the main menu on my phone. Thank you.

Do you have a Samsung S7 edge?

I have an LG lgl33l

is the menu instant closing or does nothing happen at all? (your attached Image doesnt load)

yeah when I hit the back button it just minimizes tje app

A possible workaround until having a menu on screen: could you long tap (hold the finger a couple of seconds) over the “square” button instead?
This should open the action menu, could you confirm this?

I did that and it opens the drop down menu for settings and how to use easyrpg

Is this even happening from the button mapping screen? Could you take an screen capture of this?

I can’t get to the button mapping screen. I’m sorry for being unclear.

Thanks for the clarification. About the pictures, the link is still not working. Maybe you can upload your picture to sites like and provide the direct link.

The link for remapping is a bit hidden, it is preset based in the settings menu. You need to scroll down and add a preset or edit the existing “RPG Maker 2000” preset.

This video explains how to add and edit button mappings and assign them to games, around 4:30:

If you are not able to reach these options, please specify which action is not working for you, if any. We plan to improve the user experience to access game button mappings, as there are a lot of users which are unable to reach these options because they are a bit hidden.

Note: This is to add and move buttons on screen. If you are meaning to remap physical buttons (e.g. gamepads) this is not implented yet, but it is planned for next major releases.

Okay I was able to find it and it works very well. Thank you very much for explaining where to find the remapping. You were very helpful :slight_smile: