What's implemented and what isn't

Hi guys !

I was wondering, is there somewhere an exhaustive list of what is already implemented and (more important) what is not already implemented in the Player ? People often ask me this questions and I thinks also about this.

There are multiple issues reported in the bug tracker, we don’t have an exhaustive list because tracking all of them is a big amount of time investment. This list is absolutely incomplete, but it might be a rough overview to know some overall status.

Still missing:

  • Video playback (ffmpeg? gstreamer?)
  • Audio pitch change (SDL2 resampling issues in AudioCVT)
  • MIDI fade-in/fade-out, at least on Windows (WinAPI MIDI volume limitation since Vista)
  • Hardware acceleration (only uses hardware scaling, any other operation in game is 100% software based) but fast enough for most current devices
  • Shake screen (there are some proposed ideas to fix this)
  • Some transitions (pixellize, zoom in, etc.)
  • Battle: some skill types (2 of 7) are not implemented yet
  • Frameskip in transitions (only noticeable in slow devices)

Partial or buggy:

  • 2k3 Battle: Automatic placement of battlers
  • 2k3 Battle: flip battlers orientation
  • 2k3 Battle: interpreter pages are being parsed in the wrong (reverse) order and some battle commands are being executed before others without a clear reason in the original RPG_RT
  • 2k3 Battle: autobattle may hang the interpreter
  • 2k3 Battle: most common event command calls are untested
  • Imprecise picture wave/rotate/zoom acceleration/deceleration
  • Imprecise pan screen camera movement
  • Interpreter issues related with multiple event execution interaction

Multiple lesser used map event commands are untested to know their status. You can run TestGame-2000 in RPG_RT and Player to check more differences and report them.

Thanks for the answer ^^.