2K3 battle system broken in latest builds?

As the title says. The bar loads up, but you can’t do anything for some reason. Enemies take turns just fine though.

This happens no matter what RPG2K3 game i use.

(Sorry in advance for my bad English, it’s not my native language)

It works for me.

You cannot do any actions while the enemy is active. When they are very fast you won’t be able to act.

This is different to original 2003 where you can select actions while the enemy animation is playing. We aren’t fully compatible here :confused:

If this annoys you set the ATB mode in the menu to wait.

Thing is: this only happens on nightly builds.
(Yeah, by latest builds i meant nightly builds, sorry if i got anyone confused)
On the stable build that you can grab from EasyRPG download page everything works fine, while on nightly builds from CI (that also includes the web player for example) you can’t ever select anything, the box with actions doesn’t even appear.

Here, i recorded what should happen and what happens:
Stable build: simplescreenrecorder-2022-11-22_10.01.35
Nightly build: simplescreenrecorder-2022-11-22_09.54.45

(Dunno if i can upload videos here, so i uploaded them to Streamable instead)

Weird. How is this game called?

This particular one is Super Mario Death Row (yeah i know this is dumb) but this issue occurs on practically every 2k3 game i have tried playing.

Thank you for your report. We track the bug here Super Mario Death Row: Battle system hangs · Issue #2866 · EasyRPG/Player · GitHub

I fix will land in a later version of the Player :slight_smile:

Hi, the fix has been merged in master branch, it can be downloaded from the Player continuous builds from the website.

though the fix appears to be incomplete and breaks something else :frowning:

We are working on a better one