3DS RTP Errors, where do I put the files?

Hey there everyone, I’ve been having trouble with playing games on the 3DS without getting RTP errors. I’ve tried Romancing Walker, A Blurred Line, and Three The Hard Way and all of them throw RTP not found errors regardless of where I put the RTP files. Any thoughts?

RTP is broken in the official 3DS builds. I have fixed the issue in my personal builds and the team is aware of what is causing it but it hasn’t been fixed in master yet.

Awesome, good to know it isn’t just me. I had checked the Github and saw that the issue was closed but I wasn’t sure if it had been added to the master or not.

I accidentally closed the pull request because I’m bad at GitHub and the app I was using put a button labeled “Close” at the top-right so I thought I was just closing the window.

Hello MinorPositive, thanks for the pull request. Don’t worry about it, you can reopen it from the same GitHub web interface.

The problem with the pull request was the additional commits from another branch/pull request (clock stuff). While fixing that I also messed up: I pushed the wrong branch, our current master, because you made the pr from your master branch. Git(Hub) was too smart, so your pull request was empty and closed.
I have moved your commit to a new pr, because we cannot reopen it (chicken-egg problem with maintainer edits).
Sorry for all the trouble.