A few questions

Hello! First, I’d like to apologize if I’m writing in the wrong subforum - I wasn’t entirely sure where to ask for assistance, so I’m doing it here. Please move my thread if that’s not the right place. Now, onto the questions:

  1. Where can I find the latest version of Easy RPG for PSP? The links on the page for the alpha don’t work at all, and I deleted the archive I downloaded by mistake. Can it be re-uploaded either on the Easy RPG servers or on a site like Mediafire?
  2. Is the project still supported? I’m very, very interested in developing a game that can run on PSP and DS, but naturally, without a lot of bug fixes and a battle system and a save/load feature implemented (at the very least) that’s impossible.


Hi! Don’t worry about the topic location, it’s related with player.

Last months we’ve been working with continuous integration server ( easy-rpg.org/jenkins/ ), to make automated nightly builds for more than one platform. We still need to configure current projects for multiple configurations. At this moment a psp toolchain is built from the server. Building nightly PSP builds will be done soon. There is not any due date to have new psp binaries yet. Latest binary from the blog (broken link) is now outdated.

The project is still alive, with not regular updates, depending on the team spare time. DS has very low RAM to run RPG Maker games, it should be at least DSi. Maybe the main problem is current DSi homebrew limitation, I don’t know about the DSi homebrew status to run games there, flashcards (R4i3DS), etc. Concerning battle system and save/load are not implemented yet, but there have been significant work to get documented more unknown Savegame data chunks from the SaveXX.lsd file format.

I see. Well, I’m in no hurry. First I need to actually make the game in RPG Maker 2003 after all. By the way, in your opinion, is there any chance the next version (with saving and a battle system) will be released before 2013? Thanks!

Technically it’s possible, there is enough time to do it, but spare time is 100% variable, so I don’t know about the future development:

Last development years say there are months with no development, and only month with the same development progress than the rest of the year. Try yourself to do a prediction with these facts.

Fair enough. Still, I’m pleased that the project has not been abandoned. By the way, is there any chance you can upload the latest version (no matter how outdated it is) somewhere? It’d still be interesting to test out the maps and menus on my PSP.


Yes the development is still (slowly) going on but really depends on our sparetime as fdela said.

I guess when the server was moved the folder where the files were located wasn’t backed up… :wink:
I can’t compile a PSP build and don’t have the toolchain set up but could provide one for Windows and Wii. Will tell you when I was able to obtain the PSP Alpha.

DS ist not supported because the hardware is too bad. The displays don’t even reach the required resolution of 320x240. 3DS should work but there is currently no homebrew support for this console.

PSP toolchain binaries and PSP libraries for linux i386 can be downloaded from easy-rpg.org/jenkins/job/psptoo … /artifact/
I don’t know if the current toolchain includes libexpat.

Double post to say news about nightly PSP builds:

Nightly build of EBOOT.PBP: easy-rpg.org/jenkins/job/Player … /EBOOT.PBP
This works thanks to Take-cheeze for the build scripts for Jenkins.