A problem with my old game [SNES mini]

I use EasyRpg in my SNES mini. Version: 9-9-19 HMOD By: KMFDManic
I am using the link to the INI file and I have a red screen error “invalid encoding: ibm-5346_p100-1998”.
If I link to a zip file with the game, EasyRpg does not find any games, but it starts mod.
Please help, thanks.

Already answered this in the chat, but here for all:

The SNES mini & other -Classic/-Mini use a libretro based core and for these devices the core is not maintained by us.

If you have any questions concerning this you can contact the maintainers in the ModMyClassic Discord

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Gharby, please remind what to add to the ini file? Regarding coding…

The encoding is properly detected actually. The problem is the ICU library lacks data.

Forcing a manual encoding is something like adding a [EasyRPG] section in the RPG_RT.ini file this:


1252 is western (Latin1), 1250 is for eastern european encodings (including Polish).

Here’s the complete list:

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