A question about the saved game's format

So I am working on my own game for RM2k3. I wanted to test to see if I was able to play what I have on my android. Here is what I did:

(In RPGmaker2003)

  1. I clicked the Project menu and selected “Create Game Installer”.
    2). I selected a path for the game installer on my PC (Included RTP in Game Disk).
    3). I looked through the created game folder, but I noticed it has an exe and zip files, (which easyRPG does not accept),

So what file am I supposed to copy over to easyRPG to play the game?

Welcome, currently the Android version does not open packed games in archives.
We recommend to unpack the zip or lzh archive with a tool called ZArchiver, it supports the compressed file to be unpacked.

I’m sorry, what I meant to ask was what file(s) am I supposed to copy over from my PC to my android. Do I copy the entire game folder (unzipped)?

You mentioned ZArchiver supporting the compressed file that needs to be unpacked, but what is this file called or is there several?

Please do not use “Create Game Disk”. That does usually not what you want.

The easiest way is to simply connect your phone to the computer and then copy over the entire game folder (the one containined Map0001.lmu, RPG_RT.ldb etc.) into /easyrpg/games. Depending on your phone this can take a while.

If this takes ages for you do a Right CLick on the Game folder → Send To → Compressed Folder

This creates a ZIP file. Copy the ZIP file over to /easyrpg/games and then use ZArchiver App to extract it.

We will support ZIP files in a later release which should make your life a bit easier here (no extracting anymore), but this is not ready for Android yet

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