Accents not displaying in French translation of Ib

As the title says, I’m having issues getting Ib to show French accents and special characters when running the game in wine. I am using Debian and running the Windows version of easyrpg because I keep getting segmentation errors when trying to run the Linux version. The game download came with a few fonts to install, and I did on my Linux system, but not sure how to ensure that they work in wine.

Here’s a debug log of the game when I try to run it.

Debug: EasyRPG Player 0.6.1 (2019-07-25) started
Debug: =========================================
Debug: Seeded the RNG with 1566782180.
Debug: CLI:
Debug: Opened audio at 44100 Hz (stereo), format: S16LSB
Debug: Detected encoding: ibm-943_P15A-2003
Debug: Using . as Game and Save directory
Debug: Loading game Ib
Debug: Using RPG2k3 (English release, v1.11) Interpreter
Debug: MP3 file (Inquiry.mp3) found
Debug: RPG2k >= v1.50 / RPG2k3 >= v1.05 detected
Debug: Engine configured as: 2k=0 2k3=1 2k3Legacy=0 MajorUpdated=1 Eng=1
Debug: Adding C:\users\alex\Application Data\KADOKAWA\Common\RPG Maker 2003 RTP to RTP path
Debug: RTP is “Official English” (675/675)
Debug: Adding Z:\home\alex\documents\games\ibfr to RTP path
Debug: The folder does not contain a known RTP!
Debug: Cannot find: ./ExFont
Debug: Loading ExFont from .\RPG_RT.exe
Debug: EXEReader: EXFONT resource found (DE acf70; b0334; len 2168)
Debug: EXEReader: Custom ExFont found
Debug: Starting new game

Any tips? I tried to include as much info as possible, but let me know if I need to be more specific.

Thank you for your time!

Hi, the automatic encoding detection fails because the French translation missed some texts written in Japanese, so the automatic encoding detection guessed the game was in Japanese.

To amend this, add the following two lines to the RPG_RT.ini:


There’s another way to do this without modifying the file: pass --encoding 1252 to the easyrpg-player command line.