Aedemphia - Save Problem

Hi :slight_smile:

There is a problem at save point in Sefanine city , on thé first map. I saved my game, and when I load my save, the apply crash.

I have other saves in another point of the game, and they don’t have this problem.

I don’t know where is the save folder, I can’t give a copy of my save.

Thanks you for fixing World Map problem :slight_smile:

You can either use the “Report a bug” feature available in the sidebar while the game is running. This attaches the savegames to a e-mail.

Or… this depends. Either in the game directory (SaveXX.lsd) or when the game directory is not writable (SD card) the saves are in /easyrpg/saves (there should be Aedemphia or Data/Aedemphia or something like this)

Thanks you for fixing World Map problem

Sure. Sorry for not replying to your thread.