Again, proposal #2, for faces

So, again, I’m proposing styles. I could just do the things freely, but since I’m… 95,32% sure that I will NOT do all of them by myself… (hurray! at least I’m over 4% of confidence!)
So, here it is. Proposing face style!

Hehe, I just did the Alex/Odin (Pfff yiah Odin ahaha).

So, that’s all folks,
Orochii Zouveleki

PD.: I’m going to try and do some more. Or maybe even get some… “templates”… or something? Frontal, 3/4 and side ones. And one facing straight, other one lower, and other one with an upper sight (?).
Edit: Op op op… almost forgot! The face from before has a little “extra bit”, just in case there were some need for it to be “complete” (well, it’s a close-up anyway so it’s not really complete ahaha). But the face is done to match up the 48x48 original size.

Hi orochii, I like your style, I like this Alex (maybe could be nice some light reflection in his hair), maybe we should have some “standard” pixel art palette proposal to match all colour tones without problem between each face to compose the FaceSet easily. RTP FaceSet are not pixel based, so feel free with the color ideas. This is somewhat interesting because there are 80 faces (ok, some of them are monsters, where style could mismatch with main hero face style with less inconvenients).
The Chara1.png CharSet by Marina uses the original Chara1.png CharSet RTP palette.

Concerning template system, a basic body template with some top elements (hair, eyes, wear) without sophisticated things could be interesting.
VX Ace reference: … Screen.png

Yep, I can give a little more detail to the hair with one-two more colours on it (one of them just antialiasing). Anyway, I did some advancements today… I’m a little sluggish on this thing, but at least this is a good part of the faceset stuff…
I present to you… along with a small edit on Alex’s face… the female template! Version #1

Also I did some better rearrangement of colors on the pallete. I suppose that’s not that bad the pallete, since there are “3-4 tones of each color” (by now, blues, that pale skin color, and some darkish maroons/browns. And white as transparent.

That’s it for now, cheers,
Orochii Zouveleki

PD.: And I did some tests with the pallette on Marina’s characterset (and so, is it the RTP pallete right? or similar?). It doesn’t looks bad =D.