Ahriman's Prophecy Battle Menu problem (Android)

Hello! I encountered a problem while playing “Ahriman’s Prophecy” with EasyRPG Android.

So far the game runs very well and smooth. But after the point in the game where the characters have the ability to cast skills and magic through the game’s battle menu, I can’t navigate through the battle menu or use it at all.
I can open and close the battle menu just fine, but I can’t seem to get the arrow buttons or “A” button to work in the actual battle menu skill selections.
In the original PC keyboard config, the battle menu can be accessed while the characters is close to the enemies sprite by pressing “X” (Android : “B” button), and its contents is selectable by using the arrow keys and pressing “enter” or “Z” key (Android : overlay “A” button) on the selected skill/item.
I have tried all the available overlay buttons but none of it seems to work.

Honestly the game is playable without utilizing the battle menu, although it would be more difficult and who knows it may become a more major problem in the late game content. But it would really help if there was any solutions to this problem!

Hello. Could you provide us with a savegame close to the issue? thanks!

Save02.lsd (58.2 KB)

Here it is! Hopefully there’s some chance to fix it!
Thanks in advance!

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The “Key Input” event command has different features depending on the engine version.

We parse the RPG_RT to detect the engine version. Ahriman’s Prophecy uses version No idea why but their EXE lacks the version information field (hacked EXE files everywhere…). This breaks our detection and the Player assumes an older version of the engine. I will tune our detection heuristic…

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This will be fixed in the next release of EasyRPG Player later this year. Thanks for the report.

As a workaround you can replace the RPG_RT.exe of the game with a RPG_RT.exe from another RPG Maker 2003 game. Most will work. I tested it with the one from “Yume Nikki”.


Thanks so much for the quick response and solution! I’ve replaced the RPG_RT.exe with the “Yume Nikki” one like you suggested and it works like a charm! Super grateful for this, thanks once again!

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