Aloha, and a question

Hello, I found this project by looking around for a way to play RPG maker/player on my tablet.
If they can make a GBA, Nentndo DS, And SNES emulator, as well as other programs, I’m pretty sure someone will be working on RPG maker/player.
My question: Can Easyrpg be run on Nexus 7 tablet? If so, how do I get around to doing it?

Welcome montesat,

Yes, it could work. Currently I’m working with EasyRPG Player Android port, I hope to have it ready soon, it will be announced via blog post and twitter when ready.

To make it work it needs to be built with Android NDK and all dependent libraries. I’m trying it with the Pelya’s SDL 1.2 port. There have been more attempts before, all will be tracked in this issue.

OK. :slight_smile: I’ll wait for further development. I’m very optimistic about the results.

Rikku2000 is currently porting Player to Android, he already ported another app and for other devices, so has some experience with this. Maybe this week we can have the port working.