Anyone have experience getting "OFF" to run on the Vita?

I have EasyRPG installed on the Vita and the OFF 3.0 translation in the proper directory (as I believe it was made with the proper version of RPG Maker) and while you can load in to the game, its full of glitches, some sound effects don’t trigger, and saving isn’t possible. Does anyone know if there are some hidden config files I can tweak? If a different fan translation of OFF runs better? Or if there is a tool that also runs RPG Maker games on the Vita that runs better? I’ve seen that OFF is listed as complete-able but I’m assuming that compatibility list isn’t specific to the Vita fork. I understand if nobody here knows what’s going with the Vita specifically. Thank you!

Hey, this game is well known to work without major glitches. At least the 2.0 version was tested by hundreds, and Vita shodn’t differ significantly. Do you have more specific situations on how to reproduce particular glitches? Note battle weapon animations is the major unimplemented feature yet.