Apk with game builded (preloaded inside)

Hello! My name is Mark, I´m actually developing a game in r2k3 ( Victorian Fear). Im loving easyrpg player, I already put the game in web browser in “itch.io” which is pretty cool! And I want to run the game in android! I love how is working easyrpg for this task, but I was thinking that people, usually teenagers and kids, would want the game running without download anything more. Just the apk. My question is…
Is there some method that I can use to build the android apk with the game inside? Instead of download and put the game?
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there is an undocumented standalone mode which has some shortcomings (that’s why we don’t publicly advertise it):
It extracts the whole game out of the APK on first startup and wastes lots of internal storage this way and you can’t access the application settings. One new developer wanted to improve this (read assets directly from APK) but no idea if (and when) he will finish, hopefully in a month or two.

To activate the mode you have to put your game files in “assets/game”.

There is currently no guide available concerning compiling the Android version for Game developers. It is more work then just taking the files as for the web player. You have to setup the Android SDK and modify some parts of the sourcecode (different package name, replace assets, …) and sign the files with your key. Do you have any Java & Android programming knowledge?

You are the first person interested in such a feature. I can try to prepare a guide next weekend.

Hello, Ghabry
Thanks for the quick reply, It would be, definitely, awesome that you can make a guide. I actually work with lua and C#, I know how it works, not all, Im just an amateur guy who wants to develop games. But, if you prepare a guide, I will follow it step by step, Im very interested in this.

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Hey guys,

Sorry for the necropost, but I curate the arcade section of a community website and there’s a few RPG Maker games in there available to play online (included with the permission of their authors, of course, thanks web version of EasyRPG Player) and we’re looking at publishing them on the Google Play Store (again, in collaboration with their authors). I’ve did this before with another engine a while ago and yeah it was pretty much putting the game in a folder somewhere in the source code and changing assets and IDs so I assume it’s the same thing here. So yeah, just to tell I’m also very interested in this, if it’s going to give you some motivation :slight_smile:


I guess you are from https://codewalr.us ? I look through recent mentions of easyrpg through the google search usually :smiley:

I agree that this would be a really useful feature. The issue that currently still prevents us from doing this is that we need to rewrite all the file access code in our code so that instead of reading from the filesystem, it can read from a zip (which is a APK). Well you can now already use this standalone mode thing by putting a game in assets/game but this will copy the whole game into the internal storage, so is waste of space and slow (and you can’t reach the configuration…)
But good news: One of our developers is actually currently working on this (just progressing slowly because hes busy). I hope he finishes in one to two months, then we will make an announcement about a “standalone mode” for Android. Stay tuned, hopefully before summer :smiley:

Work in progress code is here: https://github.com/ChristianBreitwieser/Player/tree/add_filesystem_abstraction

You’re a real detective, Ghabry :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, I’m one of the admins of codewalr.us. I agree it’s a bit of a waste of precious phone space to have the whole game twice in the system, so we’ll definitely stay tuned on that!