ARM binaries for EasyRPG Player

Hey, here some unofficial ARM binaries for EasyRPG Player 0.8. Some cheap handhelds still bundle 0.6 or older because thats the one available in the internet, so hopefully these files help to get this updated a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

Please don’t file bugs to the issue tracker when you have problems with these files. They come without support.

They were compiled on “Debian 10 armhf” so if your platform is close enough to a standard armhf Linux and not too old it should run. Making Linux binaries work across multiple platforms is a bit tricky so don’t expect a 100% success rate (also it won’t work if the system is based on newlib or musl).

Will also consider providing binaries for aarch64 but afaik most handhelds are still 32 bit systems.

Looking forward to some test results :slight_smile:

Do not hotlink the files. They can disappear at any time. Please mirror the files instead.

Standalone using SDL2

If your device has working hardware acceleration (OpenGLES etc.) this is a good choice.

Standalone using SDL1

This is for platforms that use “directfb” and lack hardware acceleration (like the miyoo and many other handhelds).

On some handhelds the screen rotation will be incorrect. According to the SDL docs putting this in a launch script should work to fix the rotation:


libretro core

Should work in general because all the problematic stuff like screen rotation is already handled by RetroArch.

Compilation notes:

  • CMake was too old and a new version of CMake was manually compiled.
  • To get rid of a shared library dependency, ALSA was disabled -DPLAYER_WITH_NATIVE_MIDI=OFF. MIDI still works through Fluidsynth etc. (or RetroArch if MIDI is properly configured)
  • an older version of SDL2 was used (2.0.20) for larger compat. This version has a broken CMake config file. Workaround: -DCMAKE_FIND_PACKAGE_PREFER_CONFIG=OFF

Player itself compiled without any patches, is exactly the same as 0.8 tag in the repo