Back, and still here

Nice to see you again to the old members… Hi to the new ppl. I know i was out by personal stuff but i’m back here to help the proyect that i have on my heart. I ever loved pixel and rpg. This is my motivation. One step more to easyrpg ; ). Its all right now.

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welcome again bro, i was just thinking there was few people over here, i’m looking forward to watch more sprites.

If you like, it would be nice to have a new faceset for marina’s charas on OpenRTP

Hey! Welcome back Astral! I’t nice to see you again by here. There’s a RTP to make :P, of course I will help too.
Right now I’m a little on the sound replacing task, but will start making some monster replacing =). Or maybe a Basis.png chipset =D?

Oh man, there’s a load of work, but it will be great! It’s all right now =D!(xP mimicking)
Orochii Zouveleki

Thanks by the replys. Yes, in fact we have a lot of hard work to do with the replacement. I have to see the blog more seriously but we need an artist leader and a single palette… as first, one of our weakness on the replacement proyect… A lot of work… Well this is another history. I will explain on the correct site. Thanks, really nice to see you again ;).
-It’s all right now-

Hi! That’s me again. I though it’s silly make a new topic to say hello so that’s a message to say another time hello another time xD. I hope take the time that needs this project again. Sorry for my english :(.
-It’s all right now-

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wow, 6 years ago.

I have no idea who you are but welcome back!
What did you do before? Looks like you are an artist? Did you create some assets for the RTP?

Six years… I know. I don’t think i’m an “artist” but yes, I was helping with pixel art in the project.