Basics...need help

Is there like a basic tutorial on how to run games? I downloaded the easyrpg maker from the app store, then got some rpg maker 2000 and 2003 games from rpg maker .net. I also got some rtp files from online as well. I put the games into the games folder, and extracted them. I put the rtp files into the corresponding rtp folders for 2000 and 2003. When I run the Pp though it always says no games detected.

Is there a basic tutorial for android users on how to get games to run, basically starting from when the app is downloaded? I have next to no knowledge on this and am completely lost.

Hello. Are you using Android 10? If yes we are sorry, Google messed something up and our fix is not on the Play Store yet :confused:

Can you try the Continuous Build available at the bottom of the Download page?

I am on Android 11…assume that would have same issue?

yeah. We will also update the Play Store APK in a week or two, then this is fixed for all.