Basis.png by Jikmok

Hi all! I’ve compiled my own Basis replacement. I’ve made use of free graphics (sometimes adapting it to the RM2k sizes), and drawn the missing bits myself. Whirlpools, cliffs and poisonous swamp are the ugliest — I hope to do something to them later.

The look and feel is somewhat different from the original, but that works for me.

(Upd.: this is Basis revision #1.)

The combined license is CC-BY. My own work here is CC0, but I’ve used bits under CC-BY.

Attribution (CC0 attribution is not required, but listed here for completeness):
surt’s Town Tiles (CC0):
surt’s Forest Tiles (CC0):
MrBeast’s Worldmap/Overworld Tileset (CC-BY):]
16x16 Tiles by Ogrebane (CC0):
16x16 indoor rpg tileset: the baseline by Stephen Challener aka Redshrike (CC-BY):]
MrBeast’s cave tileset (CC-BY):]
NES CC0 Graphics #2 (CC0) by Gwes: – 1 tile only

Awesome work Jikmok, now being completed looks pretty usable. Feel free to open a pull request into repository if you want to replace the current flat basis.png.