Basis.png by MarianoGNU

Hi. I started to draw a basis.png replacement long ago and droped it because of time, if someone wants to finish it, it has nice water and waterfall textures already.

Which license is this available under?

Creative Comons

Creative commons defines multiple different licenses. RTP replacement suggests Attribution 4.0 (required for all distribution)or CC0 (public domain), where attribution is optional. There is a Basis.png compilation by Jikmok and other authors with CC0 license where your water fits nicely.

All right, the lisence of my basis.png is WTFPL.


Actually, I was asking about the license exactly because I wanted to use it with the Basis I’ve compiled. With your water, it looks like this:

(Upd.: this is Basis revision 2b)

Still need a replacement for swamp. xD

Attribution is as follows:
surt’s Town Tiles (CC0):
surt’s Forest Tiles (CC0):
Basis by MarianoGNU (WTFPL): Basis.png by MarianoGNU
MrBeast’s Worldmap/Overworld Tileset (CC-BY):]
16x16 Tiles by Ogrebane (CC0):
16x16 indoor rpg tileset: the baseline by Stephen Challener aka Redshrike (CC-BY):]
MrBeast’s cave tileset (CC-BY):] — only cliffs,
NES CC0 Graphics #2 (CC0) by Gwes: – 1 tile only, red roof

Actually, my Basis is not CC0 but CC-BY, because it contains parts that are under CC-BY. The following parts are under CC-BY (because they are based on CC-BY graphics):

— Forest, snow, grass, mountains, lone mountain, volcano, castles and towers are based on MrBeast’s Worldmap/Overworld Tileset.
— Wooden floor, carpet, torch, column, shelves, table, chairs, bed and stairs are taken from or based on Redshrike’s Indoor RPG tileset.
— Cliffs are based on MrBeast’s Cave tileset. By the way, they badly need to be replaced: original cliffs were wider, and I’ve made them pretty ugly when I’ve squeezed them into 1 tile. Darker water on the previous version is also from this cave tileset, although it’s so heavily edited that probably only colours are still the same.

It would be nice to replace them with CC0 graphics, but currently it’s not a priority for me. Until they are replaced, this tileset needs to be licensed under CC-BY.

My Façade/Outline tileset (coming soon, hopefully this week) will include even less CC-BY licensed parts (but will include some nevertheless).

We need a webapp now that lists all authors and highlights the part of the graphic red that belongs to the hovered author :smiley:

Thanks for the clarification Jikmok, there is no problem to have CC-BY graphics :slight_smile:

I’m preparing the webapp and I think having a simple text description field for these cases will be enough, as OpenGameArt does :wink: