[Bug] Image keeps changing position

Hey guys, I believe I found a bug when playing the game ‘Destined’ by Falconer. The game is an ABS so the fights do not use the regular battle system.

In the first boss battle you fight a giant slime boss that appears as an image. I tried the same battle in the old RPG_RT player and it didn’t have the same problem.

I uploaded a video to show what I’m talking about. I used the EasyRPG 0.6.0 by the way.


thanks for the report.

Because you didn’t attach a savegame I ask you to retest it on your own in the latest “Continious build”.
There is a known regression with pictures in 0.6 which is fixed in the latest nightly.
You can get them at the bottom of the Player Download Page: https://easyrpg.org/player/downloads/

Hey Ghabry, thanks for the response.

I downloaded the latest 32-bit Windows Build I found (#878) and I started a new game from scratch. After that I saw that the image is still moving up for some reason.


So yeah, here is the game if you guys wanna see it for yourselves:

Also, my bad, I should have uploaded the savegame.
Here it is:
Save12.lsd (7.1 KB)

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