[Bug] Multiple battle actions / action loop

Hello, I don’t know if you guys already found this bug in version but I found randomly (although very rarely) two things happened while playing the game Three The Hard Way by iishenron. I also don’t know how relevant these are but here they are:

  • The Message ‘Multiple battle actions for Battler 1’;
  • An action got into a loop in battle (Example: Using an item like a potion cured 10 hitpoints during battle, the message keeps saying 10 hitpoints were healed over and over again).

I uploaded a video to show the moment that the first bug happens:

Sadly I only have proof of the first Bug, if I find the second one again I’ll send an update.

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Wow this is great. Thanks. We waited months for this. We knew that there is a way to assign an invalid battle action but didn’t knew how to reproduce it.

So in the end it is very simple: It happens when you select a previous actor and one of the previous actors is dead. Will be fixed in the next release. Thanks a lot!

Also curious about the 2nd bug, keep us informed :slight_smile: