Bugs with Theia the Crimson Eclipse (Eng) on EasyRPG

Hey, just letting you know some issues with the game Theia the Crimson Eclipse (http://www.theiarpg.com) on EasyRPG Player

  • The intro screen does not work. Probably because it uses a different style
  • A number of pictures are not supported during battle

Those are the bugs I found for this game on EasyRPG Player so far. And this is using the latest version of the player. Thanks in advance for looking into it!


This game uses DynRPG. While we can support some of it’s features, we cannot simply load any libraries DynRPG uses.
Therefore this game is UNSUPPORTED.

Why can’t the libraries be loaded?

EasyRPG Player is not an emulator but a reimplementation of the RPG Maker 2000 engine.

DynRPG works by loading libraries into the RPG_RT process. This only works because the DLLs know about the structure of RPG_RT. It would already fail if you use a different version of RPG_RT here.

The internal structure of EasyRPG Player is completely different, making loading of these DLLs impossible.

Also DLLs are Windows specific and we are multiplatform, another roadblock.