Build for Debian 12?

There is build service with Debian packages, but it only has Unstable, Testing, Debian 11 and Debian 10.

Does that mean there is no package for the current Debian Stable, Debian 12 / bookworm? If so, could it be added?


Hi, Demetrius, sorry for the late reply. Yes, an update is needed for both OBS (Open Build Service) packages and GitHub checks. I’ll try to help with this maintenance if possible the next week.

Interesting that distros like Fedora, Mageia, Nix, Gentoo, some BSD and other have official downstream packages but not in Debian yet. Maybe a dependent game is required or similar policy.

Update: added an issue on the GitHub tracker:

Hi again @Demetrius, the Debian 12 OBS builds were readded the last month, according to carstene1ns (thanks!).