Can games on pc be ported to psp using this software ?

I know this idea migh be silly,because porting a game is not a simple’s a Japanese rpg called Cell Of Empireo,and I don’t know how many people have played it,and maybe haven’t even heard the name,but it’s a good game.
I used to go out with a PSP,but I suddenly wanted to play this game,and then I wondered if I could port it.But I dont know anything about how to port the game,I tried searching for tutorials and found this site,so I came to try to ask you,if there is a way to port ,I will talk to the original author ,and if the original author agrees,I will port.

If you have any ideas,you can email me and let me know,this is my email

Thank you for the response and video! I tried downloading it, and now I can open Retroarch on my PSP.

However, I am still unsure about how to download Easy RPG Core. I have been searching but haven’t found any relevant posts yet. I will continue looking for instructions on how to download it.

Thank you again for sharing the video with me and allowing me to get started!

I woke up today and tried to run the game from the computer version of retroarch and followed the video, I downloaded the required plugin and put it in the folder, it worked, because the game has sound.

but I still don’t know how to put the game into the psp, do I need to put the game files into the psp version of retroarch?
always thank you for replying to the email, because it really worked!

Yes you should put the game files in a folder called EasyRPG inside your PSP.
(The RetroArch Easy RPG core’s internal core name is ‘EasyRPG’)

I don’t know the specific PSP path, but look for it somewhere inside PSP/Game/RetroArch/…/…/EasyRPG

Don’t forget to download the Easy rpg core obviously. (This is done by starting RetroArch on psp and finding a menu somewhere on the “Cores” menus). If you get to that list of available Cores to download and you can’t find Easy RPG on that big list, that means that sadly easy rpg isn’t supported on psp, but I doubt it !

Here’s some RetroArch / psp documentation :

PlayStation Portable - Libretro Docs (installing RetroArch on a PSP*****)
RPG Maker 2000/2003 (EasyRPG) - Libretro Docs (Easy RPG core documentation)

doesn’t cover specifically Easy RPG on a psp sadly :frowning:
*****note that this requires a specific firmware to be installed on your psp. If you haven’t done it, look for “PRO-CFW for psp” youtube or web installation guides)

So in summary

1- install custom firmware Pro-CFW on the PSP if that wasn’t already done
2 - install Retro Arch on the PSP
3 - get the RetroArch “Easy RPG Core” (in PSP’s Retroarch app) *
4 - download then extract the RTP files in this folder : PSP/Game/retroarch/system/rtp/
5 - transfer the PC game files inside your PSP RetroArch “EasyRPG” folder

*actually I just realized maybe this step wasn’t needed, as maybe psp version of retroarch auto installs easy rpg Core : if you launch retroarch in psp, and in the Load Core menu, you can find and launch “Easy RPG” core in that list, then it’s already installed and that step is not needed. :slight_smile:

Hello again
I’m sorry I just found out this topic : PSP support/port - #14 by Ghabry

And unfortunately it seems that currently Easy RPG doesn’t support the PSP.
So a lot that I’ve said is wrong, I am sorry :o

Maybe there is hope for the future, but until then you can enjoy RPG Makers games portably maybe with some other handheld consoles (a lot of them have the Easy RPG Core working) like : Miyoo Mini, PSVita, DS, all the Abernic and other Linux handhelds, or maybe even a PC handheld like steam deck !

as a sidenote, i’m interested in your game Cell of Empireo, do you know if there is a translation to english available ? :=)