Cannot re-map/add new keys


I seem to be having trouble remapping keys when I use this on my Galaxy S6. I press the floating menu button (circle with 3 dots) to bring up the menu, but it appears for a split second before disappearing again. I’ve tried everything I could think of but that menu just will not appear. Anyone know what the issue might be?

We are aware of this problem. It is a bug in the Android of the Samsung S6.
Of course we can’t expect Samsung to fix there expensive, broken software (it works on any other Android device), so we will provide a fix someday… (no estimate yet).

This is even worse on S6 Edge. Samsung broke the OpenGL implementation and we get a black screen when launching games…

I recommend Huawei or Samsung S5 :wink:

Ugh, I was afraid of this. Thank you anyways.