Casting on AndroidTV / ChromeCast

I am using the Android Player to play on my phone. Usually on the bus. Yesterday I arrived at home and since I couldn’t save my progress (almost finished a hard battle) earlier, I sat on the couch and played until the savepoint. And then I looked up at my Smart-TV and I realised… what if I could Cast the game there? I am not talking about Screen Mirroring. I have already tryed this and and there is too much lag. I was thinking about using the TV as the screen and the phone as the controller. More or less what you can do with Netflix or HBO (and I don’t even have the HBO App on my TV nor my phone… I am casting from my computer’s web browser (chrome) to the TV and I can use the computer as a remote).
I did a bit of research and I think those two links may be usefull:

It is just a proposal, maybe you think it is not a good idea… Or it will simply not work (because of the lag, or even because maybe you cannot use the phone as a remote without constantly watching the screen…). If it can be done, maybe it could work for the Android Player and even for the Web browser Player!

All casts I saw by now were cloud based:
You open the YouTube app on Android, then press cast to TV and the TV open the YouTube app.

I don’t know if local video transfer is even possible via a cast. Because Google’s business model is “collect all data we can get” I don’t expect that any non cloud solution exists here.

The weird thing is that I do NOT have the HBO app in my TV. And I can Cast from the computer using Chrome (no mirroring). And then my phone and my tv remote can be used to stop/play the movie. I can record a video if you want. I have no idea how they do the trick. It seems almost like the HBO app was in the Android-TV but I checked and I cannot find it. It’s almost dark magic. The Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube Apps are installed but I can try another streaming website (maybe Filmin) to see if it does the same.

But I understand it may stream the video from the cloud directly to the TV. Mirroring (sending the video on local) will cause delay. Could EasyRPG do the same IF the game is in the browser Player?

The HBO one sounds intersting and could be maybe useful for us. Would be interested in a show-case

Some more information: they are probably streaming through the Chrome native app on the Android TV. I have managed to Cast videos from Dailimotion and even some unusual video players from local TVs.
Here you have a link about the HBO Cast feature:

And here is a picture on how I see the video on my computer while Casting (Dailimotion example):

So… If you ever want to implement such a feature it should be first on the browser Player.
It is called Chromecast-Enabled:

EDIT: I tried with Microsoft Edge. You can also Cast installing the DIAL and ChromeCast Extension.