"Change Tileset" should not be saved

Sorry, I do not speak English, I am using DeepL translation.
In RPG Maker 2000, even if you save after using the “Change Tileset” command, the Tileset set on the map side will be applied when loading.
However, EasyRPG ver0.8 does not reproduce this behavior, and the “Change Tileset” is still applied when loading.

(Original text before translation)
しかし、EasyRPG ver0.8ではこの挙動は再現されておらず、ロード時も◆チップセットの変更が適用されたままになります。

This issue has already been reported and listed (you can follow its status here) and is likely due to the fact that this feature is not consistent with the latest version of RPG Maker 2003, as well as being something that is clearly a bug and not something that was intended.

If I’m not mistaken, this issue was already reported by you or someone from the Yume 2kki Team on the 2kki production wiki on the EasyRPG differences page: we listed the issues that you found on the GitHub of the EasyRPG Player to make sure that they would not be forget. If you or other members of the 2kki community find other differences and bugs with the Player compared to the RPG_RT, please report them here or open an issue on the GitHub page of the EasyRPG Player, since we may not always consult the EasyRPG differences page.

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Thank you very much for your detailed explanation.
I had forgotten about the Git Hub issues…

I was the one who wrote the relevant description on the Yume2kki production wiki.
I wrote it here thinking that it would not reach the EasyRPG team even if I wrote it in Japanese, but I am relieved to see that it has already been reported.

(Original text before translation)
Git Hubのissuesの存在を失念してました…。