Changing default fonts

According to this post, RPG Maker 2000(3) games’ fonts are stored in ultimate_rt_eb.dll file.

I extracted RPG2000.fon and RPG2000G.fon from that file with ResHacker and edited them with fontforge and replace them with the new ones.

But when I ran ./easyrpg-player to test the game, nothing changed.

I tried moving ultimate_rt_eb.dll out of current folder but the game still ran normally with its default fonts.

So I think EasyRPG Player has built-in fonts and my question is how do we change RPG Maker 2000(3) game’s fonts?

I use EasyRPG Player 0.4.1 binary execute under Linux (kernel ver 4.5.2-1). My test game is Ib 1.07 downloaded from

Correct, EasyRPG Player has a built-in font. There is no way currently to use custom ones.
Supporting custom fonts is a planned feature for the end of the year release.

I see resources/shinonome directory in sources contains bitmap fonts. Can I edit these fonts and build EasyRPG Player from sources?

I customize fonts for translation purpose.

Yes you can edit the built-in font by editing the font_src.bit files in resources\shinonome and running generate_cxx_font.rb

Here is an old discussion where somebody added cyrillic to our font, gives some hints how to modify it: Cyrillic font problem

ExFont is not editable this way, it is a byte-array in exfont.h

If you add new glyphs that are not available in the Player yet feel free to submit a patch.
Complex scripts with combining diacritics (Thai, Arabian, …) are not supported yet, this will come together with the custom fonts.

Hi, is there any tutorial for editing the font_src.bit?