Configuring MIDI playback on web player

Hello everyone, I’m new to EasyRPG and currently I’ve been testing the js player to run games on I’m not really a programmer but I’m trying to figure out some stuff.

So far so good, but one thing that has me intrigued is the MIDI playback. From what I understand by reading threads like this one, EasyRPG uses different MIDI libraries depending on where the player is running.
In my browser tests seems like the music is running through FmMIDI which would be the fallback device. Honestly I love the way it sounds but it brings some inconsistency if I wanted to have a desktop version available for download as well.

My question is how to configure the browser version to use SDL, and alternately how to configure the desktop versions to use FmMIDI by default. I also would like to know if it is possible to include a custom soundfont file to be processed (such as a .sf2), if those were to be included with a game.

The web player uses FmMidi by default but you can use soundfonts.

The soundfont support was recently added and is a bit experimental but works.

The soundfont must be in the game directory and needs the name “easyrpg.soundfont”. For a Sf2 that sounds like Windows Midi use this

The sf2 is downloaded on startup, so don’t use a 100 MB soundfont :wink:

About desktop: there is no easy configuration to set the midi library. This can be only changed when compiling from source.

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Please note the soundfont feature is currently in the development version (continuous builds).

A well known RTP music comparison between the stable and the development version (fmmidi vs scc1t2.sf2):

The wiki contains setup instructions:

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