Custom chipset

Salut tout le monde.
J’ai crée ce chipset de donjon (qui n’est pas encore fini) spécialement pour easy-rpg. J’ai connu ce logiciel grâce à BlisterB.
Etant donné que vous n’avez pas beaucoup de customizers, je me présente à vous pour en être.
Voilà le chipset en question :

(rien n’est modifié, tout est full custom).

Et voici mon dernier pixel art (wip) :

In english :
Hello everybody.
I am a graphic designer who creates chipsets only for my project and who helps many peoples who need it.
I knew this software thanks to BlisterB. It’s moreover him who ran an ad for the search for graphic designer and he presented the project also.

New wip :

There is no administrator ?

Hello freazyx, welcome to the EasyRPG project… =)
The forums are usually a bit quiet unfortunately, but every message will be read.
Developer talk mostly happens on GitHub and IRC these days, but for permanent things like this the forum is the right place IMHO.

Your work so far looks really great! It is much appreciated because most of us concentrate on source code and technical stuff (for example I cannot even draw ^^’).

There are a few usual questions about Chipset graphics and contributed files in general:

  • Which “theme” fits your Chipset? / What category does it fall into?
    For example in the official RPG Maker RTPs there are “Overworld”, “Dungeon”,… However, it could be something entirely different.

  • What license do you put your work under?
    If we want to add them to the Open RTP, we need to have the permission to distribute them and of course we want to give credit to it’s author(s).
    So we would like to have your name or pseudonym and a license to add them to the authors list. Maybe you even have a homepage, so we can add it’s url.
    A good license would be CC-BY-4.0. Of course licenses with lesser restrictions would also be okay (CC0, “public domain”, etc.).
    The decision is up to you, please see the current author list for reference:

Last but not least, if you need any help in adding the finished or half-finished graphics to the git repository, feel free to ask here.

best regards,

Hi and thank you.
Yes, BlisterB said to me that you’re on GitHub, but i don’t use it (script… isn’t my job). :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been a pleasure to read that someone here liked my chipset ahah. I can’t touch script and code. I know that Easy-Rpg is a free software, but i want the agreement of the project manager (i don’t want to stand out).

The chipset who i presente to the community is a dungueon, but my favorite style is modern. I think, (if i’m in) that i go create some chipsets modern and other for classic rpg too (like u can see).
Arf, it’s not a problem, you can distribute them but i have condition, yes. Credits ? Ok, it’s cool. I work solo on my chipsets (sometimes i takes other chipset for inspiration). I have a web site but it’s probably a bad idea (don’t go on).
Conditions :

  • Credits are needed if a project includes a chipset of mine without Easy-RPG.
  • My chipsets can be edited, you need to precise it in the credits (whether your project includes Easy RPG or not).

Thank you. :slight_smile:

A modern chipset (wip).

I do not understand. Am I accepted or not? No administrator gave me information, set apart carstene1ns (thanks to him). I know that Easy Rpg is a free software, but i want an answer about an adminstrator. Can my custom be the new RTP, or not ?

Welcome freazyx, thank you for contribution and for your interest in the project.

About the RTP Replacement, the purpose of the replacement is to make games depending on original RTP assets make them work with a free replacement.
The particular ChipSet (tileset) part of the RTP replacement wants to display similar terrain types and objects from existing ones in the same position as existing (world, facade, inner, dungeon and ship).

Because your art has custom tiles not existing in the original RTP assets, they are not strictly 100% suitable for all tiles to replace, however we would like to have additional (non-standard RTP) assets for future games created in the EasyRPG Editor, which is not ready yet. This means we could provide a new package with additional assets for new games, not just for replace missing files from games already made which require RTP.

We can accept files with a license allowing any use by requiring attribution (give credit mentioning you) even in modified assets. The CC BY 4.0 license we use for existing RTP Replacement contributions already suits your conditions, which can be accepted.

Some tile sets used already have portions from multiple authors. Some of your object tiles and autotiles (e.g. red floor autotiles, rock, chest, etc.) can even fit for the dungeon tileset.

By the way, carstene1ns is part of the development team, there is no a strict or vertical hierarchy in the development team.

I forgot to answer, saddened. I shall not be a member of the project unfortunately … Indeed, having tried to modify the RTP of base, the results were not good. The proportion of elements graphic isn’t the same as the one that I use (it’s too small). But if you have a change of mind I am at your disposal.

If your tiles can fit into a 16x16 based tile system they are good for an extended asset library for the Editor. Are your tiles 32x32?

It will be awesome !!

No, i’m working on 16x16, an image is worth one thousand words :

Re !
I’m back, and i’m working on many things, just look and give me your notice ? :slight_smile:

(trees and cactus are just test)

Edit :

Edit : new colo + light !

Very cool! I really like that you have a consistent style, all pieces match each other.

Thanks you alot ! :smiley: Now it’s better, more cool :

what do you think about it ?

I like it much better with the shadow gradient. cool stuff.

Thanks you ! :smiley: Returns make me enjoy !

Little test of RTP.

Wow that looks awesome. Good Job :slight_smile:

Thanks you ! :smiley:

It’s a long work… I think that i can do all during my summer holiday (in France it’s 2 or 3 month). For now I’m going to finish this chipset ! :slight_smile: