Custom rpg_rt stuff

I don’t know where exactly to post this, so if it needs moving or whatever just go ahead.

So onto my question, any idea when support will be out for custom rpg_rts? I’m trying to play HOME, but it uses a custom rpg_rt which makes text appear before the main menu starts (kinda like a custom opening or whatever), but this doesn’t work. Also, certain effects don’t work, there is a transition effect where the screen becomes more pixelated and moves over to a different screen then goes back to normal, but this doesn’t work. Any idea if stuff like this will be fixed aswell?

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to support custom RPG_RTs.
EasyRPG is not an emulator but a reimplementation of the engine. This means the RPG_RT is not executed at all. The only thing we could do is scanning RPG_RT.exe for patch signatures (like a virus scanner does to find malicious code), but this is an awful solution imo.

We plan to solve this with a game database which lists such custom patches, fortunately not too many games do this :slight_smile:

About the transitions: We just havn’t implemented them yet, they will come someday.

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Awesome, thanks for the reply. Glad to know atleast the transitions will be fixed.

Also I forgot to mention, on the game OFF, there is a boss sprite which takes up the entire screen and the player sprites are infront of it (every other fight is just side to side), after this fight that sprite will stay on screen for a few more battles. Will anything like this be fixed?

Wow, this seems like a serious bug! Can you tell us the name of the boss or the ID of that battle so we can look into it? Thanks!

Didn’t see this message, sorry!

The boss is called Enoch, it’s on his “sort of” second phase.

Also OFF is free, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find it