Debug: Event XX exceeded execution limit

Hello everybody.
I would like to understand what corresponds Debug: Event XX exceeded execution limit in easyrpg_log.txt when i start my game.

My game works perfectly, without lag and without errors but it spam me in the log :slight_smile:

Debug: Event 0 exceeded execution limit
Debug: Event 13 exceeded execution limit

It’s a probleme ? or i can ignore it ?

Ty very much for ur réponse.

This means that you have an event that runs in an endless loop (e.g. Label with Jump to Label or Loop without Break) without calling “Wait 0.0”. This is harmless but wastes lots of CPU time.
The interpreter stops such an event after 10000 commands were executed and then continues it in the next frame.

Event 0 is a bit hard to tell. This is either from a previous map or a common event (autostart or parallel process).

Event 13 is event 13 on the current map.

So the solution: Find Parallel running events that use a “Label - jump-to-label” loop or a normal “Loop” without a “Break” and put in it a “Wait 0.0”. The Wait 0 suspends the event for this frame (the same the 10000-command limit does, but much earlier).

Merci pour votre réponse. Le problème c’est que L’event 13 ne fait rien. Le seul event suceptible de dépasser les 10000 instructions/Cycle est l’event 1.

Mon jeu c’est ça :

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