Device Compatibility List

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I’ve been looking across the internet for a device list that possibly could name all or some of the devices besides the ones listed on the main page for EasyRpg, for example I came across a forum where someone ported his RPG with EasyRPG to a Gameshell, is there any other devices such as on Amazon or anywhere that I can use to play my game as well? Thanks in advance!

Hello. We can not recommend any specific device.

In general EasyRPG Player runs on any device that can run Linux and most of these devices use something Linux based.

Though there are some minimal system requirements:

It should have a at least 1 Ghz CPU with at least 2 Cores.
A slower CPU will work but then less games will run smoooth, 1 Ghz is good enough for almost all games.

At least 128 MB RAM, better 256 MB. With 128 MB most games will run without running out of memory.

A 320x240 Pixel display or more.

The simplest way to run EasyRPG is to use a device that is supported by Lakka, Batocera or 351ELEC, all of them provide ports of EasyRPG Player:

For Lakka: Get Lakka (Click on GNU/Linux to see the device list)
For Batocera: Batocera.linux
For 351ELEC:

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