Hi there,

our rm2k game Sternenkindsaga uses the DirectMenuPatch which allows you to directly call the equipment menu or inventory instead of the main menu. The patch doesn’t seem to work when using EasyRPG Player. Is there a way to use this patch with EasyRPG Player or another way to call those menus directly? We really want to use the EasyRPG Player, but our game depends heavily on that patch.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Having gone through some of the menuing scene code recently, this doesn’t seem to be possible. But it should be very easy to implement.
Maybe I’ll look into it myself next week, now that I’m somewhat familiar with the code (I do have some things of my own I’m aiming to work on considering the engine’s code). Are you on the Sternenkind-Saga team?

The latest full release of Sternenkind-Saga plays very well on EasyRPG. I went through the whole game a while ago but there’s one major issue because of the way the game uzilizes Inelukis MP3 patch: Version 0.8 of the Player still doesn’t have full support for the patch, so it doesn’t play MP3 sound effects, only Music files. There’s a fix for this in the Nightly Build of the EasyRPG Player.

Yeah, the latest Player version already fixed the sound problem :slight_smile:

Yes, we are currently working on a new game version and we would like to integrate the EasyRPG Player. The only remaining problem seems to be the main menu. When you open the inventory or equipment menu, then the complete main menu will be displayed instead,

If you could find and implement a solution for that, then it would be really papatastisch :smiley: We won’t release a new version until later this year, so it is really not urgent :slight_smile:

This feature directly overlaps with the development goals of my current fork, so I went forth and promptly implemented it:

I’ll probably play around a bit further with the menu scenes next to try and implement some reordering & categorizing of items. Desperately needed feature for some larger games!

Oh great, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Yeah, a way to reorder and categorize items would be awesome. The rm2k(3) provides some predefined categories, but those might not be sufficient for larger games. And it would be really helpful if items could be sorted by category in the inventory menu xD