Directory on android

I downloaded Yume Nikki as an rar file on my android and expanded it into the games directory folder, but for some reason easyrpg cannot find the game. Yume nikki is in the “games” folder as an exe file. Is there a special way of doing this?

The .exe file you have is the installer. In order to play it you will have to install the game on your PC and then copy all the data to the Games folder you have. If you have some problems with the game after doing this you probably have to install the RTP files. To install those you will have to download the files from google (they are pretty easy to find), install them on your PC, and then copy the data to the RTP folder in easyrpg (if you dont have an RTP folder just create it in the easyrpg folder: easyrpg/rtp/rtp2000 and easyrpg/rtp/rtp2003). I recommend that you install RTP 2000 and RTP 2003, so that you don’t get any trouble with other games.

Hi, can you help me? I need the RTP files on both 2k and 2k3 on my android because I dont have PC right now. Can you give me your files?