Do the player and editor have new features?

Iā€™m trying to dedicate myself to video game development in a professional way. I was doing it for a hobby. and I was wondering if it was possible that features and visual improvements have been added to the 2000/2003 versions.

is it possible to add sprites, images, faces of larger size in the editor?

if I design a game in its entirety. is it possible to sell it?

i know that for a higher visual quality there is the XP and the VX Ace. but I understand that it is not possible to market games with such devices. The license of the nico nico VX ace indicates that it is for making free games. Unless you have misunderstood some articles on the web.

and I think the xp and the vx ace are not compatible with moderna video boards and operating systems.

Does EasyRPG have these compatibilities?

Yes, they do.

The above video summarized these advantages. Long story short, EasyRPG has those Developer Perks:

  1. Cross Platform.
  2. Press F to speed up by 3 times (Press G to 10X).
  3. No 256 colors restrictions any more.
  4. No CharSet size restrictions any more.
  5. Open Source
  6. Compatible with new versions of Windows
  7. Less Crash
  8. Compatible with OGG, Opus formats.
  9. Less Encoding problems.
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Seems that there is a blog about EasyRPG discussed this question.

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