Easy rpg can't detect this game on android

I downloaded devil of the mirror
Easy emu cant detect it
I put my game on games folder
And i unzipped it and putted all the files
Games folder but
It cant find the game
And on the files i can see .exe file game

Hello, where did you download the game from?
Which app did you use to uncompress the game?

I downloaded it from itchi.io website
The translated vers and i unzipped the file with
My phone file manager
Sorry if said something wrong because im new
AND HERE the link

Here is the link

Thanks. I believe game should be detected, maybe there was some issue while uncompressing the RAR archive. We recommend using the ZArchiver app, or the official RAR app, because there are some low quality unarchiving tools not able to uncompress some RAR files properly. Also, you need to uncompress the whole contents, not just a single file (i.e. not just .exe). Some tools could stop uncompressing while being in the background, killed by Android memory “optimizations” and leave the unpacking process incomplete. The game itself is in the “Data” subfolder, but EasyRPG Player for Android is able to detect games in subfolders nowadays. Currently, the name of the folder will be the name of the game listed in the EasyRPG Player game browser list, so verify the game name is maybe listed already as “Data”. Consider renaming the directory once uncompressed if that prevents the confusion a bit.