Easy RPG On Pandora

Someone ported Easy RPG over to Pandora, and I have been unable to get any direct help on getting this to work.

Open Pandora generally runs Linux. I am having trouble getting this to work.

Once, I got it working a bit, but the game I wanted would not work.

Now…I install it, and it launches…but if I try to add the RTP, it suddenly does not launch anymore.

Can I get a link to a completely valid, tried and true RTP I can use?

Once I get THAT much going - I will ask for some help with the particular games I am trying to make work.

I can send the .pnd file for easyrpg over if anyone wants to look at it…not sure if you can access the source code that way or not…a programmer I am not - I just want to PLAY.

Anyone who can help me…greatly appreciated!!

I don’t have a Pandora so I can only give some hints:

Not all games (the good ones usually dont ;)) need the RTP.

According to OpenPandora Repo the RTP must be placed in “APPDATA/easyrpg/data/rtp/2000” (and 2003). There are inofficial english translations, for RTP 2003 even multiple… But we also support the official japanese one:
Japanese RTP. At the bottom is RTP Download (RTPのダウンロード). Doenst matter if you install an English or a Japanese version we dynamically resolve the correct names.

The note about the Font-file is wrong by the way, the font file is not needed anymore since the 0.1 release.

The games can be placed in any folder together with the easyrpg.pnd file (or how it is called). It must be placed in the same folder where RPG_RT.exe and RPG_RT.ldb are.

About trying different games I suggest that you try them on the Windows, Linux or MacOSX version (Download page) first. If they dont work in any of these ports they will also fail on the Pandora.

Thanks for the help.
What about other games that were programmed by others…still okay to be using Japanese RTP? Because it will call for English files.

If this is okay, then I huess I can try the Japanese one.

Also, I might try on a PC first…just to see if it works at all.

If you’re interested, and could help me out, let me give you links to the two games I am interested in…
Dragon Warrior 4:Renaissance

Dragon Warrior 1 Remix
woodus.com/den/resources/fil … mix1.0.zip

Yes Japanese RTP is fine, we redirected requests to English RTP files to the corresponding Japanese files if the English file wasnt found.

Will take a look at these games at the weekend.

So…if the game I’m playing wants a file name in English…and the Japanese-named file equivalent is in there, it will be ok?

For example, if the game I want to play wants a file called “Glass” and the eqivalent Japanese file is named “Yokohama” it will work with the “Yokohama” file?

Pretty cool. If that is how it works.

Yes for the RTP this will be fine. The English <-> Japanese mapping can be found in the rtp_table.h source.
E.g. if the game wants to display system/system2 and the file is missing it looks in the table and finds system/システムa and tries this. (also works in the other direction for japanese games with an English RTP).

Cool. Looking forward to you trying these games out and see if you can get them working…and then help me!

You can install (on a PC) wine, then install Japanese RTP with:

LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 wine 2000rtp.exe
then enter to the unpacked self-extracting folder, RTPセットアッフ
And run the real installer:
LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 wine RPG2000RTP.exe

Same method with 2003 RTP.

Finally, get these files from ~/.wine/drive_c/Program_Files/ASCII/RPG2000/RTP or whatever and put them into the Pandora.

I will grab me a set of RTP files that I know is good and valid.

Hopefully, this may solve some problems.

Last time I installed the RTP, the thing suddenly would not launch anymore…when I took it out…it launched…and the Test Game was available.

In Dragon Warrior 1 I can’t walk on the bridge tile at the beginning.

Because it was on the first map and the game has very basic scripts that was easy to figure out:
The game spawns a bridge to allow walking over the void. This is done by toggling a switch, then the event layer tile is replaced by a (below hero) bridge tile and that bridge tile is passable. The lower and upper layer tile are not passable.
Event layer tiles can have passability attributes, that’s new to me… And this case is handled incorrectly…

Opened an issue, Patch submitted, fixed in next release.

Dragon Warrior 4: Not tested yet.

I see no obvious breakage in Dragon Warrior 4.

The battle in the intro doesn’t work but battles are broken in general, when skipping the intro everything seems to work fine so far.