Easy RPG Switch port 0.7

Hello! I’ve been testing the switch port of version 0.7, and I must say that, unlike the previous version (0.6.3), everything has worked for me, even the wav sound effects, which has been great!

Despite that, I want to report two problems (I don’t know if this is the place but I prefer to comment on it):

  1. When playing in handheld mode, everything is fine until you suspend the console or exit the game (for example, pressing the “home” button). After that, when returning to the game, the audio quality drops in a notorious and annoying way. This can be fixed by closing the game and restarting it, however it can be annoying. This does not happen in dock mode.

  2. Performance in hanheld mode has been very good, however, in dock mode, i´ve noticed frame drops that do not occur in hanheld mode. Nothing serious, I just take the opportunity to report.

That would be my report.

See ya!

About the audio issues: We currently use the default way of dealing with backgrounding (player gets suspended and later restored). It looks like this way we cannot get the audio thread priority back or something.
I will implement a custom way of dealing with this and we can see if it works better. Are you here to test a build later?

About the frame drops: We use GL ES to stretch the tiny image (320x240) to 720p in handheld and 1080p in docked mode. This runs through a shader and is double the size, so it can take a small amount of time more in docked mode. However, if these framedrops are very noticeable, it should be investigated.

Thanks for your answer.

I understand. In two hours, coming home from work, I can test the build, so if it’s helpful I’ll be happy to do it.

The framerate is not so relevant, but I will be watching closely in case it happens too often or affects the gameplay.

Please test this build: https://ci.easyrpg.org/job/player-switch-pr/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/builds/switch/easyrpg-player-switch.zip
It corresponds to this patch: https://github.com/EasyRPG/Player/pull/2698

Please note that in debug mode, it might run slower.
Try suspending the console and docking. If possible, upload the easyrpg_log.txt here afterwards. Thanks!

ok, I’ll check this build and I’ll tell you how it went in a few minutes :wink:

Ok, these were the tests I ran:

  1. Handheld: start the game and then press home button. After a few seconds, when you return, the music continues without problems. Therefore, this problem has been fixed!

  2. Handheld: suspending the game by pressing the power button causes the music to drop in quality. I did a test, and if it suspends for 2 seconds or less and then returns to the game, the music is fine.

  3. Dock: there are no problems of any kind with the audio. The issue of falling frames continues. Now, forgive my ignorance, but I’m not sure if I’m running the game in debug or “normal” mode. How can I know that?

I leave the easyrpg_log.txt here (couldn´t upload a .txt file):

easyrpg_log.zip (15.9 KB)

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Just chiming in to say that I’ve been experiencing the same problem where if you put the console to sleep via the power button, the music is having problems upon wake. Would love for this to be fixed as well.

Thanks for making it possible to play those old RPG Maker games on Switch to begin with though.