Easy RPG Wii - how to remap buttons?

I’ve been wanting to play Yume Nikki on my Wii for a long time now and with the new version out I figured it was time to give it another go.

The main problem now is that in order to save you have to press 9, and nothing on the classic controller or Wiimote is bound to that. I even tried plugging a keyboard into the Wii but 9 didn’t do anything (nor any other keys). Pressing capslock made the indicator light go on so I know the keyboard was working. I’m guessing the Wii player just must not support keyboards.

How do I rebind buttons then? Is it something you put into RPG_RT.ini?

Hello gravity! Unfortunately, we don’t have a cross platform button mapping support yet (needed for devices without keyboard, i.e. Wii), only the Android port has this feature, but only for on-screen virtual buttons.
We are aware of this issue, and probably will be added for future releases, though there are stability issues with more priority first.